The incredibly popular, violent horror films of recent decades, such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday The 13th, and A Nightmare on Elm Street, owe much of their existence to the undisputed Godfather of Gore - Herschell Gordon Lewis. In 1963 Lewis, with his monumental splatter movie Blood Feast, single-handedly changed the face of horror cinema forever.

As well as virtually inventing the gore generation, Lewis also produced a number of "exploitation" movies, as well as sampling the full gamut of exploitation subjects ranging from wife-swapping and ESP to rock 'n' roll and LSD. A Taste of Blood details all these, plus gore classics such as 2,000 Maniacs, The Gore Gore Girls, Color Me Blood Red and Wizard of Gore, placing them in context amid the roots and development of the exploitation film.

"Herschell Gordon Lewis is the man who put red meat into the American cinematic diet. Ultimately Herschell made Quentin Tarantino possible." - Joe Briggs

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The Gore-Gore Girls (aka Blood Orgy) (1975) [Producer and Director]

Year of the Yahoo! (1974) [Producer and Director]

This Stuff’ll Kill Ya! (1973) [Director]

Miss Nymphet's Zap-ln (1972) [Director]

Stick It in Your Ear (1971) [Producer] [aka Vortex]

The Wizard of Gore (1971) [Director, Writer]

The Ecstasies of Women (1970) [Director under pseudonym]

Linda and Abilene (1969) [Director under pseudonym]

How to Make a Doll (1968) [Director]

Just for the Hell of It (1968) [Director]

The Psychic (1968) [Cinematographer]

The Girl, the Body, and the Pill (1967) [Director]

The Gruesome Twosome (1967) [Director]

The Magic Land. of Mother Goose (1967) [Director and Cinematographer]

Something Weird (1967) [Director]

Suburban Roulette (1967) [Producer and Director, Co-writer]

A Taste of Blood (1967) [Producer and Director]

Alley Tramp (1966) [Director under pseudonym]

Jimmy, the Boy Wonder (1966) [Director]

Color Me Blood Red (1965) [Director, Writer. Cinematographer]

Monster a Go-Go (1965) [Director, Producer as Sheldon Seymour]

Sin, Suffer, Repent (1965) [Director, Cinematographer]

She-Devils on Wheels (1968) [Producer and Director]

Blast-Off Girls (1967) [Producer and Director, Writer]

Boin-n-g (1963) [Director]

Goldilocks and the Three Bares (1963) [Director under pseudonym]

Scum of the Earth (1963) [Director]

Daughter of the Sun (1962) [Director under pseudonym, Writer]

Nature’s Playmates (1962) [Director under pseudonym]

The Adventures Of Lucky Pierre (1962) [Director under pseudonym, Writer]

Living Venus (1961) [Producer and Director]

The Prime Time (1960) [Producer]

2,000 Maniacs! (1964) [Director, Writer, Wrote musical score]

Moonshine Mountain (1964) [Procucer and Director, Cinematographer]

Bell, Bare, and Beautiful (1963) [Director under pseudonym]

Blood Feast (1963) [Director, Cinematographer, Composer]

Blood Feast 2 (2002) [Director]

The Uh-Oh Show (April, 2010) (Director and Writer)